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The World is moving on… even the topics of last year like the disaster after the huge earthquake in Haiti should be still followed up, and unfortunately others like the crisis in Japan and Fukushima kept us busy too we are focusing beside these topics mainly on the subject of Art.

Since last year we are the responsible shooting team for an Art-serie which is launched by the Japanese TV chanel BS-ASAHI, a program specialized in painters and famous masterpieces of the world called “The Great Master Works in the World”.  The high quality art program which is adressed to people with a high knowledge of art and culture is broadcasted weekly at the prime time. Each time a famous painter, like Paul Klee, Segantini, Van Gogh, Edvard Munch and a museum, where his masterpieces are shown in an exhibition are filmed and presented beside some locations related to the life of the painter, who is presented.

We enjoy to share the world of Art with so many people around the world and to introduce beside the famous Big 6 museums also museums which are still not so well known in Japan, but very famous too.

On top of this focus we are still busy shooting related to the topics of environment, nature, mountains, energy,  outdoor and survival activities for our national and international clients.

We are happy to discover the World for you by our camerawork and our films and photos.

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