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Jean-Claude Ramigé capturing with his Camera

Jean-Claude Ramigé capturing with his Camera

Jean-Claude Ramigé: Full-Service Film Production

With more than 25 years of experience, Jean-Claude Ramigé and his team offers you a wide range of services to meet your television and photo production needs all over the world.
Taking client ideas from concept to reality or offering up our own topics, we are producing documentaries, features, CM-spots and news reports without technical or geographical limitations. We are also happy to offer you consulting, location scouting or research during or before your project begins.
According to client testimonials we are able to offer the best services, equipment and technical staff.
Jean-Claude Ramigé, well known as documentary cameraman, is also a specialist in filming related to mountain and rock climbing, paragliding, skiing or other outdoor adventures. On top of this we also offer a cameraman who specialises in underwater filming.
Working without boundaries means we offer our clients services in different languages with the ability to take care of production all over the world.
As a result of this, we have, beside our European customers, established strong and trusting relationships with our Japanese customers for many years. We enjoy the fruitful exchange of ideas with our clients that allows us to create a product that transfers emotions, information and a strong message to the rest of the world.
We are also support a number of projects in developing countries by cooperating with international organisations like UNESCO, GTZ, Red Cross as well as several small NGOs.
In the framework of these activities, we are also proud to support the people and children in developing countries  such as Haiti for many years.
We love our work which is more of a passion that allows us to stay connected.
We welcome you as our partner/client to join our world of moving pictures and interesting projects. Let’s create something together!

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